Sometimes people ask me what I think.

~Below, a sample of my opinions~

How one of Philly’s richest neighborhoods is gaming the system, September 30, 2020 "June Armstrong, a graduate student, Center City resident, and preservation and transit advocate summarizes issues with the proposed bill well. “It’s frustrating to see a bill that includes such incredibly restrictive zoning changes in the name of historic preservation, especially when other places are using those tools to fight inequality and climate change,” Armstrong said. “A bill that restricts height and design in such a centrally located, walkable, and transit-accessible area would be a huge setback for all residents of the city at the benefit of an elite few.”

WHYY, April 3, 2020 "June Armstrong, a spokesperson for Philly Transit Riders Union, asked SEPTA in a public statement to release a plan for using the emergency funds. The group made its own priority list for the emergency funds. That list includes additional cleaning crews, restoration of Nite Owl shuttle bus service and emergency paid leave and hazard pay to all SEPTA employees.

The union also asked SEPTA to make all “transit free throughout the duration of this crisis to reduce the contact between SEPTA employees and the general public during this time.”


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